Accountant (Temporary job- 6 months)


  • 职位类别: -  
  • 招聘对象: 不限 
  • 学  历:本科以上 
  • 工作性质:全职 
  • 招聘人数:1人  
  • 外语要求:      
  • 截止时间:2017-5-7 
  • 工作地区:  
  • 工作经验: 


Accountant (Temporary job- 6 months)

Job description 职位信息
The responsibilities will include but are not be limited to:
1. Responsible for all finance and accounting related jobs and payment related jobs will include but not be limited to: Generating and/or maintaining/or review accounting and financial records for company, including entry input/review/posting, management reporting, fiscal reporting, bank reconciliations, tax statements, statistic reports, etc;

2. Responsible for delivering the report to related department from internal and external, including financial report, tax return, statistic report, etc;

3. Interact with internal and external auditors in completing audits;

4. Responsible for all payroll related jobs;

5. Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

6. Responsible for the company’s payment process including expense reimbursements;

7. Responsible for petty cash and cheque management;

8. Responsible for all bank, SAFE, duty bureau matters;

9. Prepare the payment schedule including the cash flow forecast;

10. Prepare and submit monthly/weekly/daily/adhoc reports, including but not limited to prepare the daily cash journal, daily cash report and monthly bank reconciliation;

11. Input the related data, as assigned by the Finance Department’s job arrangement, into the accounting system; this will include but is not limited to input the information as following: duty and VAT, custom clearance fee, purchase amount of the imported goods; creating the internal order in the system;

12. Responsible for the intercompany AP and AR, including the open balance reconciliation;

13. To apply and review all the reimbursement forms and receiving & payment applications, including all tax invoices and vouchers, and ensure these documents are in compliance with the PRC’s tax invoices management rule and company’s regulation;

14. To assist Department Manager to standardize and improve the finance policy of the company;

15. To assist or responsible for the accounting file, voucher and other financial file documentation and management;

16. Manage the company’s tax invoices, vouchers, and ensure all these documents and vouchers are distributed to the relevant department or person on time;

17. To assist the Department Manager to liaise with the internal and external departments;

18. Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


Skills required  职位要求
• Bachelor or above degree with finance, accounting,  related major;
• PRC Certified accountant (会计师); well understand the basic knowledge of accounting. Above 3 years related job experience in full finance sector is preferable;
• Familiar with the Accounting policy, cash management, bank process and SAFE related process;
• Familiar with the office software application;
• CET-4 or similar level, excellent English speaking and writing capability. CET-6 or similar level is preferable;
• High integrity, possess good professional spirit and team work spirit, high efficiency, willing to work overtime if necessary;
• Prepared to take “ownership” of jobs;
• At least 3 years work experience with a foreign company. 



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  • 所属行业: 不限
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