Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau is a legal organization which has been initiated by Sanya Municipal People's Government and authorized to conduct economic and trade activities like business attraction and investment promotion within its scope of responsibilities. It is a non-profit and non-administrative organization which adopts corporate management and performs its duties and responsibilities based on the market.

Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau, upholding the principle of selecting the best through fair and just competition, recruits employees and offers remuneration based on the market conditions and manages the positions by category. Based in Hainan and oriented to the world, the Bureau tries to attract talents from around the world to set a benchmark in building the free trade port in Hainan.

I.Principle of recruitment

The recruitment shall be open, fair and just. The best among the candidates shall be selected through competition.

II.Job vacancy

One Deputy Director

III.Job description

1.To manage the organizational modules and coordinate relevant work;

2.To contact the upper authorities and industrial departments;

3.To set the annual business attraction targets and supervise and advance internal work;

4.To regularly sum up and report ongoing work;

5.To be responsible for other work assigned by the leader.


1.The candidate shall be 30 to 45 years old, with a master's degree and above in such majors as finance, urban planning and marketing, and a bachelor's degree earned from a top-notch university.

2.The candidate shall have at least five years' work experience in business attraction, and excellent communication, coordination and operation management ability.

3.The candidate should have been working as Deputy Division Director or Section Chief or in the middle-ranking management position of some large and medium-sized enterprise for at least three years, and the experience in park management is a bonus.

The age and working years of the candidate shall be calculated by the deadline of April 1, 2020.

V.Recruitment and remuneration

The Deputy Director position offers a bright career prospect and it will be a term appointment, with the term lasting for three years. The annual pay ranges from RMB600 thousand to RMB1million, with the exact pay to be determined in face-to-face communication. The recruited personnel shall benefit from the preferential housing policy for talents in Sanya.

Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau implements a corporate and market-oriented employment system, signs the work contract according to law, and subjects the recruited personnel to a one-year probation period. Those who have passed the evaluation upon the end of the probation period shall go through the formal employment formalities. The starting time of the probation period shall be the start of the working time with the bureau. Those who fail the evaluation shall see their work with the bureau adjusted or terminated based on the actual conditions. If there is no suitable candidate for the position, the open recruitment for the position shall be cancelled.

For those who have been shortlisted for the interview and work outside Sanya, they will be offered travel subsidies to cover their transportation and accommodation expenses, of which the transportation expenses shall be reimbursed according to the bills, and the accommodation expenses shall not exceed RMB350 per day. In principle the total subsidy shall be no more than RMB3,000 per person.

VI.Recruitment process


1.Registration time: From 10:00 on March 31 to 18:00 on April 30, 2020.
2.Chanel of registration: Applicants can visit the following websites, namely, website of Investment and Talent Attraction for Hainan Free Trade Port (,, to read the recruitment announcement for more details, download the attached Application Form for the Open Recruitment of Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau and send their completed form and completed resume to the only designated public email by the deadline. Please title your email with "Position + Your Name"

(II)Qualification examination and telephone interview

A designated expert project team shall be set up to conduct preliminary review on the qualifications of the candidates, and to conduct telephone interview with those who have passed the preliminary review. The candidates who have passed the telephone interview shall submit the following materials (in the electronic version) to the mailbox designated by the review experts within the specified time. After the preliminary examination, the credentials to be provided by the candidates include the electronic version of the ID card or passport, graduation certificate, diploma, professional proficiency certificate, occupation qualification certificate, employment document, reward and punishment proof, major academic research results, work performance summary of the past three years, etc. In case of the diploma obtained from abroad, the academic degree certificate issued by the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education shall be provided as well.
The information filled in the application form should be true, accurate and consistent. All the credentials including the academic certificates should be true and valid. If any applicant is caught in fraud, he shall be immediately disqualified.

(III)Written Examination

Applicants who pass the qualification review will be notified by the expert team and take part in the written examination. The all-round written examination focuses on evaluating candidates' competencies and knowledge in terms of the understanding of policies and political theories, research & analysis ability, decision-making and administrative ability according to law as well as written expression ability. Applicants will be further notified of the date and venue.


For the candidates who have passed the written examination, the expert group will inform them to participate in the interview. It will be a semi-structured interview where the potential competence of the candidates in performing their duties in the said position, as well as their abilities in comprehensive analysis, logical thinking, linguistic expression, etc. will be evaluated. The interview schedule shall be made clear in the notice.

(V)Psychological test

For the candidates who have passed the interview, the expert group will arrange them to sit the online psychological test, which aims to know about the candidates's psychological attributes related to their ability, personality and mental health. Candidates are required to complete all the test items and submit the answers as required within the specified time. If the test is not completed within the set time, it shall be deemed that the related candidate has given it up.

(VI)Investigation and physical examination

An investigation shall be made about those who have passed he psychological test and then the successful candidate shall be named and arranged to take the physical examination.

(VII)Conducting employment formalities

After the successful candidate for the position is determined and announced according to relevant regulations, employment formalities shall be conducted if there is no objection to the recruitment.

VII.Contact information

Tel: 010-67772436 (9:30-17:30)
Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau reserves the right for final interpretation of the announcement.